Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 Can I use an OHP marker on a Cypher planner whiteboard?
Answer No, you need to use an Artline 577, 579, 517, 519 or 550A whiteboard marker for the best performance.
Question 2 How do I remove ink stains from a shirt?
Answer Firstly, do not try to remove the stain by washing or rinsing as this will only set the stain in place permanently. While there are many stain removal products available through commercial outlets, our best advice is to take the shirt to a commercial Dry Cleaner for the best results. Dry Cleaners have a wide range of specialised cleaning agents designed for removing all types of stains. Let the cleaner know the type of pen involved so they can use the correct cleaning agents.
Question 3 How do I remove permanent ink from my whiteboard?
Answer You get an Artline "Whiteboard" marker, copy over your text or diagram and then wipe it off with your whiteboard eraser.

But, the best thing to do is buy Artline Whiteboard Cleaner.
Question 4 How do I remove permanent marker ink?
Answer Permanent markers are designed to be very difficult to remove. The ease of removing permanent marker ink (from an Artline 70 for example) will depend on the surface marked. If the surface is porous like wood, concrete, cardboard etc. then the ink will soak into the material and will not be removable without causing damage to the surface. If the marker is used on a non-porous surface however like glass, acrylic etc. then by rubbing the mark with eucalyptus oil is should be possible to remove the ink without damaging the surface.
Question 5 How long can I leave the cap off my Whiteboard Marker - without it drying out?
Answer Under normal usage conditions approximately 2 hours. However the Artline "Dry Safe" Whiteboard Marker will last with the cap off for up to 48 hours (in controlled tests).
Question 6 What is the best marker for use outdoors?
Answer For general use around the home or in the garden the Artline 780 Garden marker with permanent instant drying ink is ideal. For longer lasting permanent marking outdoors there is also the Artline 400 Paint Marker series. With pigment based ink, this range of markers with fast drying ink is highly fade and water resistant.
Question 7 What marker do you recommend I use on fabric?
Answer The Artline 750 marker for laundry is specifically designed for this use.
Question 8 What markers or pens are suitable for use on wood or rubber?
Answer Permanent markers and paint markers.
Question 9 Which is the best pen to use on photos or credit cards?
Answer Artline 250, 725. You can also use the Artline permanent OHP range on photos.
Question 10 Which pen should I use on glass and other non-porous surfaces?
Answer A permanent marker such as the Artline 70